Rates and Services

Lara Offers Affordable Hourly and Flat Rates!

Below are Prices based on Hourly Rates. If you’d like a Flat Rate, arrange for our movers to do a visual survey of your home. Be sure to show him everything that needs to be moved. Any items that you fail to disclose or that are added later may increase the cost. Feel free to ask any questions. Keep our phone number handy (604-562-4637) and notify us of any changes.

Every move is different. Here are a few points that affect the length of time a move takes:

    • The number of possessions you have.
    • The amount of preparation that has been done.
    • The distance our men need to carry your valuables.
    • Barriers such as stairs, elevators, and tight doorways in both your old and new home.

Special Features

    • Assorted dollies-appliance dolly, upright dolly, and flat cargo dollies.
    • An abundance of moving blankets.
    • All our vehicles are equipped with front and side panel tie bars in the cargo area, so that goods are tied securely for travel.
    • Generous use of stretch wrap to protect your fine pieces.
    • We are able to provide service in English, Spanish and French.

    NEW! Rubbish Removal

    Spring cleaning? Need more space? Moving?

    Lara Transport Services will be happy to haul away any of your unwanted items. Reducing our impact on the environment is important to us. We reduce the impact on the environment by separating items that can be recycled or reused. Our rates are based on the size of the load, weight and tipping fees.

    We do not handle hazardous waste.   Request a Quote