About us

At Lara Moving we understand that every person and family is different and so are their needs. We will discuss your moving requirements with you and work to meet those needs. We are happy to dispose of those items that you decide not to take with you. It doesn’t matter what size of home you have, we will move you down the street, across the city or across the province.

“Having moved many times, I understand the challenges. As the owner of Lara Moving I am committed to providing a superior level of quality service.” Alvaro

The staff are friendly, respectful, and efficient. Erna is our admin specialist and she also takes care of packing and cleaning, her attention to detail are evident in her daily work but her compassion and care for each individual is what makes her one of Lara’s most valued employees. Alvaro is the owner and handles all the heavy lifting with his staff, he is careful not to leave damages to either property or to your valued belongings.

Our goal is to make your move as stress free as possible. Our trucks and equipment are cleaned before and after every move and we handle your furniture with the utmost care to ensure your possessions arrive at your new home safely.

We communicate fluently in 3 languages: Spanish, French and English.

Need some help? View our Tips page for ideas to get you ready to move.



Lara Moving is a registered business.