Packing Tips

We know that moving presents some challenges. We hope you’ll find some of these tips helpful in your upcoming move.

Packing Tips

If you are pressed for time or have other reasons you cannot pack your own items, LARAMOVING can take care of all the packing for you. Call or email us for a quote.

    • Use good quality strong boxes, it will keep your items more secure. You can rent reusable sturdy plastic boxes that are great for moving. FrogBox is a great option in our region.
    • Fill boxes to the top, but don’t overfill boxes then close with packing tape. Improperly filled boxes can result in damage to the contents.
    • Disassemble beds and any other furniture that can be taken apart. Place nuts, bolts, and screws in a labeled zip-lock bag. Place the bag in a safe place where it will be easy to find when the furniture needs to be re-assembled.
    • Don’t water plants for several days before moving them. Wet plants can make a mess on carpets and are difficult to move.
    • Don’t dust fine wood furniture for several days before the move. Furniture polish can soften the wood making it susceptible to damage.
    • Remove the contents of all furniture. The contents can shift during moving, damaging the contents and the furniture.
    • Use stretch wrap to keep doors and drawers closed. Tape can damage the finish on furniture.


Fill out the online change of address forms at Canada Post  .

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