Securing your valuables during the move!

Jewellery, important papers, antiques, heirlooms and anything else of value should be kept secure during the move!


Insurance is a good way to help with peace of mind but it will only help you if something happens to your valuables and most movers have insurance for these items but taking extra care to ensure that the items will not be damaged or lost is the first step to ensuring they will transfer properly in the move, see below for some great tips in securing your valuables during the move:

Important Documents

Keep the documents, you need for the move, organized and close at hand so that they can be easily accessed. For example: Insurance papers, moving agreements, lease/mortgage agreements, transfer documentation, cash and cheques needed to pay the bills.

All other documents should be securely locked in filing cabinets.

Other valuables such as Jewellery, Antiques and Heirlooms

Small items such as jewellery can be kept in an security box with your bank during the move and then transferred to your home again once you are settled. The other options is to keep your jewellery and cash with you during the move.

Larger items like antiques and heirlooms should be carefully wrapped and packed in boxes that are clearly labelled FRAGILE. Set the fragile boxes aside so that they can be treated separately from the other items. Double check with the movers that they have the capabilities of moving antiques and heirlooms and make them aware of the value so they know the level of security needed to ensures its safety. Also, designate a secure room in the new home so that these items can remain secure with many services and neighbors coming and going during the day. LARAMOVING takes extra care to ensure your valuables are properly cared for and transferred in safety.

Make a detailed list!

Make a detailed list of each valuable include pictures of each item to ensure the condition is properly documented. Make two copies of this list and the pictures and give one to the moving company so that they can properly care for these special items.


Other things to consider…