Planning your move

We know that moving presents some challenges. We hope you’ll find some of these tips helpful in your upcoming move.


    • Reserve your moving company as soon as you know you are moving. Note: LARAMOVING is a full service moving company providing both moving services and packing services.
    • Purchase your moving boxes. There are places you can rent reusable boxes like FrogBox. If you are moving on a budget, some grocery/department stores will let you have their unused boxes.
    • Begin packing your closets, the garage, attic and any other spaces that store things that are used occassionally.
    • Begin sorting things that are no longer necessary, list them on CraigsList, Kijiji or host a garage sale. Donate any items that have not sold before the move. If you cannot take the goodwill away, LARAMOVING
    • If you do not have time to clean the home/apartment for the new owners make arrangements for cleaning services. LARAMOVING has professional cleaning and carpet cleaning services available.
    • Moving with children; make sure you have transfer records for their new school.
    • Fill out the online change of address forms at Canada Post schedule any transfers or disconnect of service:
      • Gas
      • Electricity
      • Water
      • Telephone
      • Cable
      • Doctor/Dentist/Chiropractor
      • Accountant
      • Lawyer
      • Financial Advisor
      • Veterinarian
      • Lawn and Garden Service
      • Maid/Cleaning Service
      • Daycare
      • Banks/Credit Card Companies
      • Auto Insurance
      • BC Medical
      • Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions
      • Pension Plans
      • Revenue Canada
      • Charities
      • Gym


      • Make a Cleaning Kit that includes things you will need for the final clean-up and include a snack for the last day. Place it aside so that it will not be taken away in the move.
      • Begin Packing! Label all the moving boxes as you pack and include: the room it goes to and a list of the contents. Put the label on the top of the box and sides to ensure ease of access later on. See Packing Tips for a full list of helpful hints.


      • Clean the stove and any other appliances except the fridge leave the fridge for the last day.
      • Make any final arrangements with your moving company. If you need them to come later than originally planned, make sure you tell them, otherwise you may be charged for additional time.


      • Clean the refrigerator, then defrost and dry.
      • Ensure you have the cheques and cash ready for the services you will be requiring on the day of the move.
      • Say goodbye to your neighbours! Make sure you have contact information of the people you wish to stay-in-touch with. With current technology, skype, facebook, instagram etc… staying-in-touch across the distance is much easier.


    Other things to Consider…