Roof maintenance tips for preventing leaks and damage

Basic maintenance can help extend the quality and lifespan of your roof.

When was the last time you examined your roof? Most homeowners rarely think about it unless there’s clear damage or it begins to leak. Keeping your roof well maintained can help prevent water, wind and snow damage, and prevents damage to your roof deck and attic from slow leaks. Stay on top of maintenance and your asphalt shingle roof is more likely to last its full lifespan of 15 to 20 years*.

Here are several roof maintenance tips to ensure your roof does its job for as long as possible:

Avoid walking on your roof as much as possible. Use a ladder to access gutters and eaves.
Leave roof vents open, even in the winter, to allow ventilation. Good ventilation also prevents buildup of damaging heat and moisture in the summer months.
Trim your trees so they don’t rub against the roof and leave debris behind.
Clean out your gutters regularly. Leaves, twigs and litter that become trapped on the roof and in valleys, gutters and downspouts can cause serious damage.
Monitor for damage to combat extreme weather
Climate change brings more frequent, intense weather events – like hail and wind storms – that can damage and tear off shingles. Poorly maintained roofs are more susceptible to storm damage.

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