Moving around the holidays!

Are you moving just before Christmas or between Christmas and New Years. Moving is always difficult, especially around the holidays. Trying to manage the move and all the holiday festivities, it can get very overwhelming.

It is very important to book your mover early. When deciding on a moving day look at the long range weather forecast and try to plan a day that does not have a blizzard or freezing rain conditions as this will make driving and moving big items treacherous.

Also, consider holiday festivities. Around the holidays there are Santa Claus parades and road blocks for other festivities, make sure you take that into consideration when you are making your plans. This does not just apply to your local area but to the area you are moving.

Whatever you do make time to enjoy the festivities. Make a list of all the parts of the holidays you simply cannot live without and those traditions that are not as important can be enjoyed again next year.

Here are a few examples:
Baking: Instead of baking all the family favorites, bake one thing together before everything is packed and order dainties trays for the rest.

The Tree & Decorations: Moving just a day or two after the holidays, set up a real Christmas tree with only a few lights and your favorite ornaments and leave the holly and remaining decorations packed up and ready to move. That way when it is time to move, you can take the decorations off pack them away and leave the tree on the curb for garbage pick-up. Or if you are moving a few weeks before make sure that the decorations are easily accessible so that you can make the new home feel homey for Christmas.

Presents could be gift cards that let you go shopping after the move when things settled down. Shopping together is always fun, who doesn’t like a little retail therapy covered by gift cards.

Concerts & Banquets: Don’t skip out on these! You will remember the year you didn’t see the grade 2 Christmas Concert. Family get togethers only happen around the holidays, make time for the people who are closest to you, they will not only keep you grounded but they put a smile on a person who it feeling a little overwhelmed.

The trick is not to cancel Christmas but to simplify!
All the other things still apply when moving around the holidays:
– Pass on your new address to everyone including all the typical utilities. If you are moving before the holidays make sure that family and friends know well in advance so that presents and cards can come to the correct address.
– Label the boxes clearly with the name of the room and what is inside.
– See our list of things to remember when moving.

Above all, don’t cram too much in, rest is very important! This might be the year you don’t host or attend every get together. Sometimes the best traditions are as simple as watching your favourite Christmas movie with your family while sipping a glass of eggnog.